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  • The 1st digital virtual Family OfficeBRIQS Management System®
  • a gateway for you, your family, its individual members and trusted partners
  • BRIQS Management System®powered by Perpetuo Wealth Services


No family operates in isolation and its members rely upon a host of advisors, institutions, external parties, friends, and like-minded families. Consequently, this creates a vast and ever changing ecosystem, which both supports and shapes the family’s human and financial capital.  

Every family (office) is different!

There is no 'one size fits all' solution just as every family is unique and functions differently and needs various services and solutions. Most families have created a network of trusted advisors over time without eventually considering to have some sort of a Family Office.

Any family's wealth and future well-being depend on the relationship among trusted advisors and family members as well as their interaction.

That’s why we have created BRIQS Management System® - the first Digital Virtual Family Office - allowing a permanent digital interconnectivity with secure remote access from everywhere on any device by its identified ecosystem and network members.


Our solution to today’s challenges and ever changing wealth ecosystems

BRIQS Management System®

The system allows a permanent interconnection of all elements – subjects and objects – so to replicate an entire wealth ecosystem with secure remote access from everywhere on any device. 

A highly secure platform enabling not only to connect but also to manage all assets in order to deliver a permanent holistic view while incorporating data-driven insights into day-to-day business management, processes and decision making.

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Multi-device and highly secure !
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BRIQS Management System
Office management and Administration services.
Personal Assistant function and Concierge services.

Analysis of families needs (finance, tax, legal).
Setting up an appropriate structure.
Selection process of a family office.

in establishing, developing or simply maintaining successful oversight in all wealth related affairs and activities.


Perpetuo Wealth Services is an independent Swiss Multi Family Office active in Switzerland and abroad. Perpetuo was founded in 2014 by senior Wealth Management Executives specialised in International Wealth Management (Banking), Family Office and Strategic Wealth Planning Consultancy.

We do provide Consulting, Solutions & Services for UHNWIs, FOs and Asset Managers on all matters along the lifecycle of a family, its principal or family members.

We do
NOT manage our client’s assets and are completely independent of any financial advisor or bank clients could work with.